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Preferred bidder for TV-CRC announced

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Thames Valley Community Rehabilitation Company’s response to the announcement of preferred bidder, MTCnovo,  for probation services in Thames Valley.

Thames Valley Community Rehabilitation Company’s Chief Executive Paul Gillbard said: “We are pleased to announce that MTCnovo, a joint venture between public, private and third sector shareholders, has been selected as the preferred bidder in the competition to take ownership of Thames Valley Community Rehabilitation Company (TV-CRC).”

“We are extremely proud of the work that we do to enable offenders to turn their lives around and move away from a life of crime.

“We look forward to working with MTC novo to develop our range of services and continuing to serve the communities of Thames Valley through ‘less re-offending, fewer victims’.”

Thames Valley Community Rehabilitation Company (TV-CRC) was formed in June 2014, when the former Thames Valley Probation Trust was dissolved. This coincided with the creation of a new National Probation Service to supervise and manage all high risk violent and sexual offenders in England and Wales.

All other offenders in Thames Valley, the majority of whom are medium and low risk, are managed by TV-CRC, which is owned and funded by the Ministry of Justice until share sale is complete (February 2015).

Thames Valley is one of 21 CRCs in England and Wales created from the 35 former probation trusts.

The new owner, MTCnovo, is expected to take over ownership in February 2015 but contracts are expected to be signed in late November/early December, subject to final negotiations. Staff who work for TV-CRC will transfer, under current terms and conditions, to the new owners.

MTCnovo is a joint venture involving:

MTC (Management Training Corporation) – a private company

novo – a consortium with a number of public, private and third sector shareholders including, but not limited to:  
RISE – a probation staff community interest company
A Band of Brothers – a charity
The Manchester College (TMC) – a public sector education provider
Sanctuary Supported Living (SSL) – a registered social landlord
Thames Valley Partnership (TVP) – a charity
Amey – a private company

The move coincides with the introduction of new provisions of the Offender Rehabilitation Act 2014, which will see TV-CRC take on responsibility for the extended community supervision (licence) of all prisoners sentenced to less than 12 months and, in addition, a substantial number of extended licences for those sentence to less than 2 years’ prison.