Thames Valley Community Rehabilitation Company (TV-CRC) was formed on June 1, 2014.

We are one of 21 CRCs created as part of the Ministry of Justice’s Transforming Rehabilitation agenda, which saw the dissolution of the 35 Probation Trusts in England and Wales and the creation of the CRCs and a new National Probation Service (NPS).

Staffed by former Thames Valley Probation Trust employees, TV-CRC is responsible for approximately 4,000 people serving community sentences, prison sentences and supervision following release.

On February 1, 2015 important changes introduced by the Offender Rehabilitation Act came into force. Anyone who serves a prison sentence of less than 12 months will be automatically supervised by us for a year following release. This move is intended to break the cycle of re-offending, which is prevalent among those who serve short prison sentences. Probation, on the other hand, is far more successful in reducing re-offending and it is expected that supervision on release will have a marked reduction in re-offending.

Also on February 1, 2015, ownership of Thames Valley CRC changed from the Ministry of Justice to our new owner, MTCnovo. MTCnovo won the contract to deliver probation services for all sentenced offenders in both Thames Valley and London, except those who come under MAPPA (the Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements) and/or are high risk of serious harm.

MTCnovo is a new venture between the third, public and private sector.  The venture comprises of Management & Training Corporation (MTC) and novo – a consortium of a number of public, private and third sector shareholders including RISE, A Band of Brothers, The Manchester College, Thames Valley Partnership and Amey.

MTCnovo’s is to create a positive social impact in the community by providing opportunities for service users to change their behaviour and lifestyles and reduce reoffending. MTCnovo is founded on the principles of partnership and we draw on decades of experience in public, community and justice services. We have the third sector at the heart of our organisation, not just as supply chain partners but as shareholders within our business.

As well as shareholders MTCnovo has a series of delivery partners that share the vision and approach to supporting vulnerable people, reducing reoffending and protecting the public by enabling safe communities.

Further details can be found on MTCnovo’s website: and on our news page.

We are determined to continue with the same quality of service that led to the former
Thames Valley Probation Trust (staffed by the same people) achieving the highest performance rating of 4*.

TV-CRC’s core work covers the following:

Structured Interventions

We offer structured interventions to help people turn away from crime. The list includes: Offending Behaviour Programmes, Education, Training and Employment, Community Payback, targeted ‘activities’, Attendance Centres and structured Supervision Centres, which all help to reduce the likelihood of re-offending.


Supervising and managing offenders on community orders, suspended sentence orders, those in prison and those released from prison on licence; encouraging people to take responsibility for their own behaviour and how it affects others; working to help offenders recognise their own potential by helping them gain skills and identify ways to play a constructive part in the community.

Community Safety and Partnerships

We have a key part to play in linking with other agencies to reduce the likelihood of crime and its effects on individuals and whole communities. We work, with others, on the following: public protection, safeguarding, women offenders, substance misuse, accommodation, employment, training and education.