Diversity is expressed in all the visible and invisible differences between people, and this can lead to differences in experiences, values, attitudes, ways of thinking, behaving, communicating and working.

The key to this aim is developing and promoting a culture in which everyone recognises and values the diversity of our employees, job applicants, partners, service users, victims and beneficiaries.


Each year we set objectives to improve our services and employment practices in regards to inclusion and report to the Ministry of Justice on how we meet our Public Sector Equality Duty under the Equalities Act 2010.

For more information on these please contact TVY.CRCInformation@thamesvalleycrc.org.uk


We work hard to provide staff with role-specific training in all areas of equality improvement, including learning disabilities and difficulties, ageism, sexual orientation, minority ethnicity, gender, faith and physical difficulties and disabilities.


TV-CRC’s core work covers the following:

Structured Interventions

We offer structured interventions to help people turn away from crime. The list includes: Offending Behaviour Programmes, Education, Training and Employment, Community Payback, targeted ‘activities’, Attendance Centres and structured Supervision Centres, which all help to reduce the likelihood of re-offending.


Supervising and managing offenders on community orders, suspended sentence orders, those in prison and those released from prison on licence; encouraging people to take responsibility for their own behaviour and how it affects others; working to help offenders recognise their own potential by helping them gain skills and identify ways to play a constructive part in the community.

Community Safety and Partnerships

We have a key part to play in linking with other agencies to reduce the likelihood of crime and its effects on individuals and whole communities. We work, with others, on the following: public protection, safeguarding childen and vulnerable adults, women offenders, substance misuse, accommodation, employment, education and training.