What we do

Thames Valley Community Rehabilitation Company (TV-CRC) works with all sentenced offenders in Thames Valley, except those who are high risk of serious harm or who come under MAPPA (the Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements).

We supervise a wide variety of people. There is never a straightforward case. There are those who have multiple needs, such as drug or alcohol abuse issues, mental/emotional health problems. The common denominator is that they have turned to crime and it’s our job to help them break down the reasons for that and to address them, one bit at a time.

Our staff have to have the skill to engage service users – to encourage them to work with us to look at the whole picture. By addressing different aspects of their current situation, we can help them to see ways to break the cycle, to change things for the better and to prevent them from offending again.

The skills needed to take on this work cannot be underestimated. Staff train continuously to improve their ability to offer solutions that service users can learn and take on themselves. There’s no point in helping people out of crime by doing everything for them – the skill is in helping people to learn new ways to behave, to think and to act, which doesn’t involve turning to crime and hurting others.

Our work

We meet regularly with service users to address their offending behaviour. We run courses, activities and accredited programmes which have been designed to change people’s outlook and give them new life skills to take forward. We present the information in interesting – and challenging – formats, so service users feel part of the process of turning their lives around.

We provide information to the National Probation Service, so their staff can write reports for the courts, recommending the services we offer as part of an individual’s community, suspended or immediate prison sentence.

TV-CRC’s core work covers the following:

Structured Interventions

We offer structured interventions to help people turn away from crime. The list includes: Offending Behaviour Programmes, Education, Training and Employment, Community Payback, targeted ‘activities’, Attendance Centres and structured Supervision Centres, which all help to reduce the likelihood of re-offending.


Supervising and managing offenders on community orders, suspended sentence orders, those in prison and those released from prison on licence; encouraging people to take responsibility for their own behaviour and how it affects others; working to help offenders recognise their own potential by helping them gain skills and identify ways to play a constructive part in the community.

Community Safety/Partnerships

We have a key part to play in linking with other agencies to reduce the likelihood of crime and its effects on individuals and whole communities. We work, with others, on the following: public protection, safeguarding childen and vulnerable adults, women offenders, substance misuse, accommodation, employment, education and training.