Most people will be released from priosn at the halfway point of the sentence under licence to TV-CRC. This now includes those sentenced to less than 12 months in prison, as well as those sentenced to longer terms in prison.

You will be required to comply with the conditions of your licence until the end of your sentence.

Conditions may include:

• To observe a curfew and wear and electronic tag
• To live at a certain address
• To attend appointments with a probation officer
• Not to contact certain individuals
• To complete an offending behaviour programme or rehabilitation activity
• Not to go to certain places.

If you break any of the conditions of your licence you risk being recalled.

When you meet your supervising officer, they will:

•    Explain the conditions
•    Confirm your address
•    Discuss any problems
•    Tell you how often you will be seen
•    Tell you about the complaints procedure
•    Agree a supervision plan with you aimed at reducing re-offending and addressing issues such as housing, employment and reintegration into the community

Once your supervising officer has visited you at home, a letter will be sent to the police. It will confirm your address, the length of licence and the date when you are no longer at risk of recall.